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Morgan James

©Jp Enterpise USA LLC. Morgan James

Meet the face of our brand. Morgan James (Moneymorg) is the Brand Ambassador of Prestige. Morgan, a Raleigh native is closely connected with the Southeast Raleigh Community where Prestige originated.

Morgan is a phenomenal networker and collaborator. He has worked with multiple music artists and producers in the music industry as well as the fashion industry. Morgan is known for his high energy and positivity. He has dedicated his time and passion to help many local entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success.

His goal is to become a director, producer, and global collaborator with music artists and producers. He is currently a manager for a local artist in Southeast, Raleigh. Morgan is very innovative. He brings multiple ideas and strategies to the table. It is a great honor to have Morgan a part of our team. He's been representing our brand since day one.

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