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PRESTIGE Appoints Don Cornell New VP of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

PRESTIGE Appoints Don Cornell Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives. Don brings over 10 years of marketing experience to PRESTIGE, overseeing all aspects of marketing.

Prior to PRESTIGE, Don Cornell served as a Digital Marketing Strategist with the Nexstar Digital affiliate “CBS 17 News” and Director of Brand Management for local radio station that serves the Raleigh-Durham DMA. Don Cornell presently serves in a Regional Digital Marketing strategy role in the multifamily real estate industry. Servicing property management companies in 4 DE, DC, VA, NC and SC.

Don Cornell earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the Saint Augustine’s University, located in Raleigh, NC. Don Cornell completed The Business Foundations Certificate program at Meredith College, which provided knowledge of fundamental business concepts such as quantitative analysis and statistics, economics, accounting, and finance. He received sales certification from the Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) in 2020.

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